can support you with the following services:


Design of the whole Homepage for the congress or meeting. This includes all general information about venue, organizers and registration information, as well as publishing the whole program and timeschedule on the webpage.


Participants can upload their contributions onto the server for further processing. They get an informal message about the readability and about the changes made by anyone.

On the Administrator's page you can view all abstracts received, you can change their status to accepted or rejected, and you can decide, if the contribution is scheduled as Plenary Lecture, Oral Contribution of Poster. And you can see, if the participant has already paid his fee or not.

Preparation of the Book of Abstracts

Abstracts are slightly reformatted to give the whole book of abstracts a homogeneous look. The Author's Index is created based on the data entered by the participant and by the information on the abstracts. If available, data from the registration authority for accomodation is used to build up the List of Participants.

The General Index and the Timeschedule is created by the arrangement you made and is published in the book as well as on the Congress Webpage.

The "master" for the book of abstracts can either be prepared as printed master copy, or in electronical format (as postscript or PDF-file), depending on the printing-office of your choice. Since we also have contacts to printing-offices, we can also supply you with the "final product", one Book of Abstracts for every participant of your event.

electronical BOAs, CD-Production (BOAonCD), abstracts database

Abstracts can be made available also online, e.g. by linking a contribution in the time-schedule with the corresponding abstract. Also the whole Book of Abstracts can be made available for download as PDF-File.

We also handle CD-Productions. Therefore we are able to produce CDs or DVDs with the abstracts of all of your participants, including the website on CD and various listings (author index, participants index) and advertising pages.

Additionally the contribution can be built up to an online database with fulltext index, to search all abstracts of a congress for specific keywords.

Online Registration to the Congress

We can provide you with the whole registration procedures for your participants. Registration can be done online or by fax. We manage payment by online  payment using credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express) and by bank transfer.