Test our registration and management tools!

Please take a look at our online-modules to get an impression, how well our system works. In the following we would like to show you available registration procedures, either for abstracts to submit as well as for the registration for participants.

By the following links you can play around how someone would register for the virtual congress "Annual Meeting on Testing Purpose". This is NOT a real conference, it's just an example!

Online registration for participants

Please feel free to register as participant to the "Annual Meeting on Testing Purpose". To test click here.

Submitting a contribution

If you would like to see, how abstracts and manuscripts can be submitted to the organizing committee please click here.

Management of registered participants

To view registration information about participants and some usefull statistics please take a look here. The management pages are password protected. Please use guest as username and boa (= Book Of Abstracts) as password to manage the demonstration event.

Management of submitted contributions

We are sorry, but the management pages are actually not available to the public.